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The Finishing Touch

Whether you are a homeowner who has designed your own outdoor space or you a garden designer or landscape architect looking for a company to put the finishing touch to your project, Atlantic Stone will build your garden design to exacting standards, on schedule and within budget.

We can supply and install decorative stone, bark mulch, sleepers, screened topsoil or our famous Flexiborder to create a sleek design. A look that will set off your home or business, with a finish which will last for years, with very low maintenance.

We supply and fit our products from our base in Galway city to the surrounding counties and can supply our products Nationwide – often with Next Day Delivery. We have included a selection of the many projects we have transformed below.  


Our decorative stone is a relatively cheap, fast and stunning way to transform any driveway or external area of a home. We believe it is a great environmentally friendly alternative to a chemical laden tarmac driveway.

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  • Do you have a low spot in your lawn ?
  • Do you need to landscape your garden ?
  • Do you have a garden made mainly from builders rubble ?

Our screened topsoil is a high quality product that we can deliver to you in tonne bags or loose in bulk. We can supply and fit or supply only – so you can enjoy the manual labour yourself! Although with our grab lorry delivery we can often take out a lot of the hard work for you by dropping our bags exactly where you want them. Our top soil can be used for lots of different applications around the garden:

  • For making new beds and borders
  • For raised beds
  • For an ideal level base for lawns
  • Or for any area where the natural soil is poor or non-existent.

How Much Topsoil Do I Need? We recommend the following:

  • For laying lawns you will need at least 10cm (4in) layer of top soil
  • New beds will need about 20cm (8in) or more
Our team hard at work, fixing low spots in a garden.

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Our Other Products

How to fit FLEXIBORDER - the easy edging system.

The fast and easy way to create a border between your flowerbeds and lawn or decorative stone areas.

Made from recycled rubber it’s strong, flexible and simple to use as demonstrated here by Sarah-Jane (9) and Lara (9).

Stabilisation Grid

If you have a sloping driveway or simply a surface that will not allow pebble to stay in place (a hard surface underneath generally tends to make the pebble run – and can be dangerous in some instances) – why not try our stabilisation grid?

It is the ideal durable and easy to fit solution. See a recent project below.

Steel Garden Edging

Our “rust” coloured steel garden edgings are made of 1.6mm mild steel and sufficiently strong for lawn mowers and light vehicles. These flexible, steel border edges can be quickly installed without special tools. Easy to install in straight lines and curved shapes or bend on-site into corners. The border takes on a stable rust look when exposed to the elements of nature. The steel oxidizes and this protective layer significantly slows the rate of future corrosion, while looking great. The anchoring pins contain a unique fold in the middle, strengthening the ground anchor and making the border ideal for use in heavier soil.



  • Easy installation
  • Weatherproof
  • Strong


  • Lawn and border edges
  • Finishing of paths and terrace
  • Flower bed or vegetable garden

Technical Information:

  • Material: Flexible steel
  • Material thickness: 1.6mm
  • Overall length: 1075mm
  • Usable length: 1000mm
  • Height 100mm
  • Number per package: 5 borders (5m total)

About Corten steel’s “Rusting” process:


The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the elements of the weather, in other words the steel is allowed to rust in a controlled way in order to form a protective layer upon itself.


This weathering process can take up to a year to fully form. During this time there may be  some run-off which can stain nearby concrete or stone.


It is important to protect these neighbouring surfaces while the weathering process is happening, once the protective surface has fully formed, there will be no further risk of staining.



1. Prepare the area you would like to install the edging. If the ground is hard, we would advise that you loosen the ground with a flat spade or pickaxe to make the edging easier to install.

2. Once the ground is prepped, begin by placing your first piece of Edging into the ground, up close to the edge you have formed. Ensure the edging is facing the correct way – with the logo facing outwards.

3.The best way to drive the edging into the ground would be using a block of wood and a hammer/mallet. The block of wood ensures the top of the edging doesn’t get damaged and makes installation safer.

4. Once your first length is in, you can then attach your second length by securing them together using the large connecting tab at the top of each piece of edging.

5. After securing the edging at the top, take a pair of long nose pliers and then bend the locking tabs at the bottom back on themselves to fully secure the two pieces of Edging together.

6. Repeating steps 4 and 5 would usually be the way to finish your install, however, if you encounter particularly soft ground, our 300mm rebar extension pins can be used. Take the clip and pop it through the window on the spike first.

7. Once the clip is secure through the window in the spike, take the 300mm rebar pin and place it through the hole and hold it in place. Take your hammer/mallet and tap down at first – then when its gone through – you can strike down to bury the spike to the top of the clip.

8. The finished result will leave a crisp and neat finish to your garden borders. Here is a straight-line edge, but the edging can be curved or bent into 90 degree angles for corners.