Steel Garden Edging


Steel Edging (100mm high)

Steel edge (per pack of 5 x 1m lengths)

Note: The following delivery charges apply:

€25 total for between 1-4 packs. (added at checkout stage)

€37.50 total for 4-6 packs. (added at checkout stage)

€45 total for 7 or more packs (added at checkout stage)

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Our “rust” coloured steel garden edgings are made of 1.6mm mild steel and sufficiently strong for lawn mowers and light vehicles. These flexible, steel border edges can be quickly installed without special tools. Easy to install in straight lines and curved shapes or bend on-site into corners. The border takes on a stable rust look when exposed to the elements of nature. The steel oxidizes and this protective layer significantly slows the rate of future corrosion, while looking great. The anchoring pins contain a unique fold in the middle, strengthening the ground anchor and making the border ideal for use in heavier soil.


  • Easy installation
  • Weatherproof
  • Strong


  • Lawn and border edges
  • Finishing of paths and terrace
  • Flower bed or vegetable garden

Technical Information:

  • Material: Flexible steel
  • Material thickness: 1.6mm
  • Overall length: 1075mm
  • Usable length: 1000mm
  • Height 100mm
  • Number per package: 5 borders (5m total)


About Corten steel’s “Rusting” process:

The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the elements of the weather, in other words the steel is allowed to rust in a controlled way in order to form a protective layer upon itself.

This weathering process can take up to a year to fully form. During this time there may be  some run-off which can stain nearby concrete or stone.

It is important to protect these neighbouring surfaces while the weathering process is happening, once the protective surface has fully formed, there will be no further risk of staining.